favorite books
finally getting caught up on my reading. it's so pleasant curling up amongst my cushions with a good book, especially lately, as i've been feeling not quite ill but not quite well.

also, today i got into an argument with a girl in my magic, witchcraft + religion class about whether or not mary, queen of scots and bloody mary were one and the same (which they aren't). she was quite frustratingly adamant. when i got home i looked it up and saw that i was right. hallelujah for small, insignificant victories.


  1. reading anything exciting? i'm in the middle of several books right now:

    the haunting of hill house by shirley jackson
    old angel midnight by jack kerouac
    beyond good and evil by nietzsche
    the forest people by colin turnbull

    (i brought back so many of those voodoo dolls from new orleans that they required a separate bag)

  2. i'm reading:
    pride + prejudice + zombies, by jane austen + seth graham-smith
    the unbearable lightness of being, by milan kundera
    ocean sea, by alessandro baricco

    my roommate rhese was in new orleans over christmas break and brought me back a voodoo doll. so far i've only used it on the postman, and only when my schoolbooks arrived far too late

  3. you know, i really think i preferred sense and sensibility and sea monsters. i love zombies, but i've always had a soft spot for marine monstrosities

    i've never even heard of ocean sea, so you'll have to tell me how it is

    i brought back a crocodile head, twenty thousand very un-voodoo voodoo dolls, and a child sized accordion. becky got a kazoo and we walk down by the river playing them. people started dancing. it was very surreal

  4. i definitely will. so far it's excellent. there's a man writing love letters to a women he's never met. it's a bit of a clichéd idea, but it's done really well here.
    and i desperately want to go to new orleans. i'm seriously considering sneaking into your suitcase for your honeymoon, although i have a feeling that would involve me witnessing things that i have never wanted to see - it will, after all, be a honeymoon.

  5. new orleans is a wonderful place. it is equal parts old history, cheesy bars, and my religion. since i love the south, anything completely tasteless, and voodoo mamas, it seemed like the perfect place. the best part was the shane thought of it, so i didn't seem greedy. i'll go with you at some point in time. just not ... this ... point in time. i will not even try to lie and pretend we're just going to cuddle every night. but we will go together, because you'll appreciate the culture. you will also appreciate the fact that bourbon street bars don't card you on weeknights

  6. Rachel, you gotta know when to smack a bitch.

    Keep your pimp hand strong.

  7. emily - i'll hold you to that.
    terri - fuck yeah i do. i'm horrible at that. instead i just glared at her and blushed.

  8. I'm going to send you my 3 pound weights when I'm ready to upgrade to the 5.

    Do some reps, get some guns, and corner that gutterslut in a bathroom and show her the REAL meaning of "bloody mary."

  9. if you do, you'll be my hero. seriously.