night trees
tonight was the second time in as many days that
i've found myself walking back from the library far, far too late for my liking -
with feathery eyes, my mind floating on a string some ways behind me.

i'm so tired lately.

but, tonight i looked up and realized how lovely everything was.
flowering trees, soft ground, and some wistful scent in the air that i couldn't place but didn't care.
and while this whole post is one great cliché of spring and awakenings and revitalization,
that is exactly what happened.


dulce de cacahuate
dulce de cacahuate
heidi braids
baby-round cheeks

that is all.


this is who i am
how i've been spending my time


nearly there!
my friend jill came to visit the week before last!

sucker face
she was one of my best friends in high school, and still retains that title - but
she goes to school in new york, so this is the first time
we've seen each other in ages.

it was utterly and unendingly lovely to actually see her - skype only carries one
so far - and we had a whole week together!

pleased as punch
i had a multitude of things planned - excursion into the city, walks to the train depot at night
(the view is one of my favorite things in this city)
but jill was struck down with a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad cold.

dessert time!
however! we are persevering young ladies, and still had a marvelous time.
i introduced her to the royal tenenbaums and rushmore, we gossiped for hours about
those we knew in high school, braided hair (a staple of girl time, i assure you),
and all in all enjoyed ourselves quite thoroughly.

dear jill -
come back soon.
yours ever, rachel

p.s. i think the following photo is bursting into the realms of hilarity.


all-day classes on gender roles in our society, simultaneously craving chocolate (which i haven't had in a week, so i figured i'm owed some) and frozen yogurt, feeling depressed about the union busts being attempted in wisconsin, reading more milan kundera than is probably good for my social life, and deciding that oatmeal is probably my favorite food.

just thought you should know.


spent superbowl sunday in a lecture on the balinese concept of time,
then hid myself away with season 3 of the x-files and a jar of nutella.

much better than football.


foot bridge
walked about town a bit today - i needed to renew a library book and
return a skirt. it was achingly cold out, but the day was so
pretty i couldn't seem to mind.

built by
i love details like this. this plaque is from the footbridge in
the photo above. it was built a century ago, but there it is - who built it,
who decided it needed to be built, everything.
i like tangible history.

anne frank memorial
i stopped by the anne frank memorial for a few moments, as usual.
the rest of this sculpture has her standing on a chair to peer out
a window, supposedly in the secret annex.
it's a nice, quiet place.

i like how the libraries here in boise all have exclamation marks.
hurrah! literature!

there are so many lovely older buildings in the downtown area.
i'm glad they've been preserved.

this made me laugh.

so, here you have it! a picture-filled, relatively wordy post.
i'm getting back in the game.