nearly there!
my friend jill came to visit the week before last!

sucker face
she was one of my best friends in high school, and still retains that title - but
she goes to school in new york, so this is the first time
we've seen each other in ages.

it was utterly and unendingly lovely to actually see her - skype only carries one
so far - and we had a whole week together!

pleased as punch
i had a multitude of things planned - excursion into the city, walks to the train depot at night
(the view is one of my favorite things in this city)
but jill was struck down with a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad cold.

dessert time!
however! we are persevering young ladies, and still had a marvelous time.
i introduced her to the royal tenenbaums and rushmore, we gossiped for hours about
those we knew in high school, braided hair (a staple of girl time, i assure you),
and all in all enjoyed ourselves quite thoroughly.

dear jill -
come back soon.
yours ever, rachel

p.s. i think the following photo is bursting into the realms of hilarity.

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