my favorite drawing pens - i've been using them constantly since i first bought them last year.
prismacolor premier .03 fine line marker

i'm going on a canoe trip this weekend. lazy rivers, campfires, nighttime playlists.

see you monday.


  1. Hey. Whats your email address? i made my blog private so only people i can invite can see it. I'm sorta being stalked by a dude in Australia. so im trying to get him out of my life. i need to send the invite so you can see my blog.

  2. rachelhammes@u.boisestate.edu
    sorry about creepy-stalker-guy. but are you sure your new blog is private? it's already let me follow you.

  3. i have stationery loyalty to moleskine notebooks and the .05 ink pens at the artshop next to my bus stop.

    they're like friends whose hand you hold while you make.

    hope you had a wonderful trip!


  4. i feel exactly the same way. i have to scold myself out of using them to take notes in classes, because it's such a waste of such lovely materials. (today, the scolding didn't work).

    the trip was lovely. i'm bruised and still a bit sore, but i had a wonderful time