hi, there.
i don't know what's been wrong with me this fall - i haven't been taking photos, i haven't been drawing. i've come as close to hibernation as possible while still attending classes.
i think i might need to change some things.
i'm considering switching my major from art to english or history, firstly.
art isn't making me very happy anymore.
secondly, i need to cut myself off from the internet.
it makes hiding myself away all too easy.
from now on, i will explore! i will reach out to those around me! i will discover new and exciting things!
i will like myself better.


  1. Hi Rachel! This post is to say: "I visited your blog!" Let's be friends! Not that we aren't already, but let's continue.

  2. Anonymous10.1.11

    I miss reading about your (mis)adventures and your photos! Hope you start blogging again soon!

  3. i will! thank you so much, this brightened my day considerably