tomorrow will be spent:

- embroidering t-shirts
- working on my x-files marathon (we're on season 1, disc 3)
- finally unpacking
- cleaning cleaning cleaning
- seeing if the library has any books on byzantine art
- planning the tea party (alice and wonderland, with spiked tea and tiny cheesecakes)
- finishing some reading


  1. oh, the embroidery of t shirts reminds me of something fantastic: my parents are helping me pay for a small silk screening machine. i'm going to silk screen my drawings on to t shirts and then embroider some overtop of the silk screening. and then i'm going to sell them online. and make money, eventually, hopefully. if you were here, we could go into business together. also, what exactly are you spiking the tea with? it either sounds like a horrible or a wonderful idea. (p.s. i will NEVER watch the x files with you again. i am [not] a vampire i am a vampire i am a vampire i am a vampire i am a vampire vampire vampire vampire i have lost my fangs)

  2. Byzantine and Baroque art is my faaaavorite... to bad art history teachers kill the love.