home for the weekend

slightly burnt lemon squares, ritualized pilgrimages to the local albertsons, sing alongs, renaming the contacts on my phone as harry potter characters (lindsey is hermione, my dad is mad-eye, and timm, to his displeasure, is ernie macmillan), boys with dreamy accents, tequila shots, scream 3, forcing timm to check my car to make sure there aren't any homicidal sociopaths waiting to slice into my tender flesh, south park renditions of 'poker face', discussions on taylor swift's incompetence.
a good night.


  1. your summarys are treasures!

  2. yours as well! i've been reading your blog for months now, and i love your posts.
    it's strange - was JUST lurking on your page, and when i came back to mine i saw this. i love parallel actions like that, don't you?

  3. i do love! i also love to lurk though i don't love admitting it.

    i wonder, do you prefer my posts when they say more or not very much at all?


  4. i am a horrible lurker. i go months lurking on someone's blog with nary a comment. it's my guilty pleasure.

    i prefer when your posts say a medium amount. i like knowing about your life, and the lives of other people in different countries, but i really enjoy your minimalist format. so maybe a happy medium?