the hop-off

the hopping contest was held today between lecture and studio of art 107. as expected, intimidation was employed by both parties
(although i flatter myself that i used it particularly well)

sneaky ploys
the actual hopping, however, was a surprisingly strenuous task,
neither of us being quite so fit as we had assumed.

we found ourselves overwhelmed with our lack of physical prowess,
and the match resulted in a truce.
we shall share michael cera for the time being,
although i must confess to already planning how to steal him away from her.

stern and true
many thanks goes to amanda, who was a frustratingly impartial judge/photographer.


  1. you bet your ass we are.
    i'd like to note that my gangstaaaaaa-ness must be truly magnificent, otherwise my relatively girlish outfit would have overwhelmed it. i must be even more incredible than previously assumed!