after our bike ride, my sister and i took tea together.

coffee shortbread!
i've been in a baking mood lately (our kitchen is overflowing with lemon tarts and cream puffs), so we
decided to dress up in our prettiest sundresses and have a tea party, just the two of us.

help yoself
our appetites were magnified by the bicycle jaunt we had embarked upon directly before,
so we made short work of the coffee shortbread, cucumber sandwiches, etc.

tea for two
and thusly we whiled away the rest of the afternoon, with peppermint tea and 'the brothers bloom'.
all in all, a lovely afternoon.


  1. i wish i was there, i adore tea parties. I love how the mac is invited to the party, or maybe it's a shrine haha. x

  2. How pretty! I'd love to have a tea party. Adorable! xx