my sister and i rode our bikes around the neighborhood today.
bike ride!
it was such a pleasant day outside, so we eschewed the couch and our
eternal 'murder, she wrote' marathons in favor of the grand outdoors.

climbing down
after some time, we spied a tree house at the bottom of a hill. as we
were feeling particularly daring, we decided to explore.

tree house!
despite its graffitied exterior, it really was a charming place.

doll dishes
there were all sorts of lovely toys inside - i loved the tiny dishes in the play stove.

lace curtains
the lace curtains made both of our hearts feel melty.

bike ride
when we arrived back home, we took tea and cookies together and
watched 'the brothers bloom'.
expect a post on that tomorrow.

(more photos of our travels on my flickr)


  1. wow this place look enchanting on the inside, I am going to check your flickr for more photos :)

  2. A tree house wow, how magical. I love your photographs and the colour tone. I really need to blow the cobwebs off my bike. x

  3. Love love LOVE your Bikes ! I am currently searching for the perfect one to take to uni. Your photos always look so dreamy :) xo