i'm not much of a churchgoer, but whenever i'm home i'm coerced into going with my family.

grin away
here you can see a picture of my sister and i behaving angelically in honor of the occasion.
unrelated sidenote: mimi has really nice hair. i'm jealous.

in church we entertained ourselves by drawing hand puppets.
mine says, "mimi, the balding man"
mimi's says, "rachel, the deformed lady"
at least i'm still female, right?

piece of fuzz
our undeniably less-than-perfect behavior was further decimated by mimi discovering a few stray threads hanging from my crinoline. she proceeded to ball them up, and then shove them down my bodice, where i was forced to let them remain for the remainder of the service.
how cruel.


  1. Ha i remember drawing faces on my hand when i was at school. We use to move the mouth to be in sync with our teachers. That is very cruel, but does have lovely hair. x