my mother is visiting our relatives, so the sad task has fallen to me to
drive my sisters to and fro as the situation requires.
fortunately, i've been remembering to shove a moleskine
and a pen into my bag before i leave, so now i have pages
filled with two minute sketches.

four more days 'til the missing parent returns, and i can start sleeping in again.


  1. I know this so well. Kim's taxi. I really like this sketch, i get a nautical/ french vibe from it. What do the words say? x

  2. Do you draw at the stoplight? Haha I love the spray-on fawn tattoo from a few posts back. I'd love to get a real one but I'm too chicken!

    B from A plus B

  3. Cute drawing, you are quite good to sketch that quickly ^^

  4. What a great idea! Much better than resorting to playing with your cell phone :)