home, for a bit

day 1 of 365
i'm home for roughly two weeks before leaving for my summer job (yellowstone!).
i slept for most of the day, and then baked cookies with my sister.
oh, and christy, amanda and i are starting the 365 project today. this was my photo for the day.
i don't know if i'm going to post all of the 365 pictures on here, but they'll be uploaded to my set on flickr.

aren't sunflowers friendly?


  1. OH. MY. GOSH. you get to work at yellowstone? i am soooo jealous! i love it there. i'm attempting to convince my friends to go camping there with me this summer. let's be friends.

  2. awesome photos!!!
    loving the flowers :D
    loving the blog
    great posts!
    stop by some time xx