tonight, after walking amanda back to her dorm, jarrod, khris, sam and i became convinced our lives were in danger.
it all really began when we walked past the library, and noticed that one of the upstairs lights was flashing on and off.
without a word, we turned on our heels and ran as fast as we could to the tall pine tree on the quad, roughly fifty feet away. the branches bend low, and form a sort of teepee under which we took refuge. from there, we made the two hundred foot dash from the tree to behind the administration building. here, we noticed that sam was no longer with us. shamefully, i must admit to having advocated that we leave him behind. however, jarrod and khris - staunch believers in the 'no man left behind' policy - dove onto their bellies and crawled to the corner of the building. peering around, we saw sam sprint behind a tree and then hurtle towards us. abandoning all caution, we took to our heels and ran back into the safety of shadows.

we barely made it back alive.

(it must be noted that none of us could actually be considered sober at this point)

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