yesterday was spring fling on campus. i suppose it's sort of a big deal - augustana and sugarcult played, and there were popsicles and baclava and the science club had a tie-dyeing booth.

oxygen bar 2
jenny, jenna and i ambled down there after visiting the cat adoption center (jenny bought a kitten!). i think we all liked the oxygen bar the most...my favorites were eucalyptus and almond.
(also, don't we look like going-on-50-years chain smokers with our oxygen headgear?)

oxygen bar 1
they had one long row of different scents, and you could simply attach your tube to the beaker you wanted to sample.

fawn tattoos
i got a spray-on tattoo of a fawn, and attempted to convince my sister (via text) that it was real.

jenny and the velcro
jenny attempted the velcro wall, but was sadly unable to jump high enough.
perhaps next time, wee jenny.

henna tattoos
lastly, jenna got a henna tattoo from a member of the arabic club.
(idaho has a surprisingly large middle eastern population)

later that day, amanda and i watched pan's labyrinth with khris, jarrod and sam.
i had to leave the room at all of the gory parts.


  1. sounds like the best. day. ever.

  2. it was a pretty awesome day, not gonna lie. the only thing that could have made it better would be sex.

  3. sex is good. flavored oxygen is better. this i promise you. unless you have a new man friend, in which case my advice would be to ditch the almondgen and bangbangbang

  4. omg pans labyrinth is THE BEST. I still havent seen half of it though, because, like you, I cant watch the scary parts!

  5. i'm too damn picky and have yet to actually meet anyone i WOULD date. standards aren't supposed to be this difficult to uphold.

    and i've watched MOST of the scary parts of pan's labyrinth at least once, but some, i just can't. like when the captain sews up his face - nonono. no.

  6. wow it looks like you had a really fun day...cool tattoo