fire (15/365)
bonfires, 30 minute jokes with no punchlines, too many hours spent on your feet, lost keys, constellation identification, chapped lips, unexpected pockets of snow, new books, old stories, day-long hikes, strange allergies, boys with hats, wildlife, shitty cell service, maternity clothing, sagebrush, meg ryan jeans, and girls who talk too much about nothing.

only two months left.


  1. "30 minute jokes with no punchlines"...i adore that.


    xo Alison

  2. this sounds incredible :)
    somehow i missed your reply on my blog, so, a delayed:
    thankyou! i think its mutual :) and i love the idea of that, yellowstone would be so deciduous in weather (and trees).
    im from sydney, australia, and i definately should!
    rose xx