fishing (14/365)
there's so much to see here - but the best days are the ones spent doing very little.
some friends and i hiked from artist's point to ribbon lake the other day.
only around 5 miles total, but we had a lunch of wonderbread sandwiches
(a first for me! i felt impossibly unhealthy), and the boys fished and the girls
told secrets and spoke of plans to visit europe.

everything off the beaten road is so untouched. it's timeless and magnificent.
as we walked, we kept marveling at the fact that what we saw would be almost
exactly what the first explorers who chanced upon this place would have seen.
there's such a sense of history, yet an equal feeling that history isn't important.
these woods simply are, and they will continue to be so.


the falls

oh, edward
(we are grounded we are humbled we are one with everything)
(and edward can't keep a straight face in a photo to save his life)


  1. This sounds perfect," the boys fished and the girls
    told secrets and spoke of plans to visit europe."- so ideal.
    I think the uniform is worth it for the beauty surrounding you.

    You mentioned ribbon lake? have you heard this song.
    It's called ribbon lakes by alessi's ark. It's great! you have to listen to it a few times though- it's a little strange to start with. The slower version is better. If you want it, i can email it to you, that's if you like it.
    Definitely check Johnny Flynn out, yumyumyum. He is amazing.

    No i've never heard of nick flynn, definitely on my way to check it out now. I'll let you know what i think.x.x.x

  2. this is so lovely, it's great to be out with nature

  3. stunning photos! have a lovely day :)

    xo Alison