yesterday i was told i was average looking.
i was secretly upset, which in itself upset me more, because
i don't want looks to matter that much to me.


today is a day for legs tangled in blankets and heads hidden under pillows.


  1. how utterly boring of that invited troublemaker.

    i was told in front of a room full of models that i needed to lose weight not long ago.

    i feel that the ridiculousness of my critic matches the ridiculousness of yours and we should set them up on a blind date.

    chelsea jade.

  2. i meant UNinvited, needless to say

  3. that is ridiculous! you're so slim, where would you possibly lose it?
    and a blind date sounds perfect. someplace rather unpleasant as well, such as wal-mart or a city recycling center.
    i've decided to give myself a boost tomorrow. i'm doing all of my homework tonight, and so tomorrow i'll be able to spend time dressing up and lolling about with my new books and watercolors.

  4. p.s - jenna and marie are infact new friends! they dated two of my friends and we've struck up a rapport of recent. they're twins and it's rather exciting as they're full of loveliness! i don't have any really good friends i've known all my life either. i was a bitter loner as a child and pulled all sorts of tricks to get out of going to school. i tend to cower away from group situations.

  5. Rachel, you are BEAUTIFUL, in every sense of the word. You are a GOOD person, you are one of the smartest people that I know, for starters. On top of that you are anything but average looking and Jon agrees with me, You are GORGEOUS.

    You have more real beauty in your big toe than like, Megan Fox, Tyra Banks, and all the Kardashian sisters do combined.

    I know a thing or two about getting down on yourself... (see the blog post I'm about to write about weighing myself for the first time in a year today) it's okay as long as tomorrow you get up and be YOU and don't try to be whatever the fuck this person who called you average looking wants from you.

    We have a mutual friend (who is NOT one of our secret blogging buddies :( ) who has changed herself DRASTICALLY... MULTIPLE times in order to be whatever she's around... or whatever she thought would make her acceptable... and she's been gorgeous the whole time.

  6. average is a word used by ignorant people who don't realize that nobody is average

  7. i agree with Emily and Teri.
    and its the people that cant see the beauty in beauty who make me ashamed of the world we live in...