my day in pictures

day 1 - cardigan
i wore a cardigan than made me feel a curious combination of vegas dancer and librarian

day 1 - alice
joined alice for a game of croquet

day 1 - cleaning
cleaned my room for my sister's impending visit

day 1 - embroidery
embroidered more constellations
(so far i have cygnus, cancer, and i'm halfway through with bootes)

a good day.


  1. They should bring back those old ipod nanos. Those were the coolest ones!

  2. i know! i'm so happy i got one while i still could. it's the perfect pocket size.

  3. dare i say the size of a triscuit?

  4. I got the planes from this amazing emporium around the corner from my boyfriend's house. i spent a ridiculous amount of time there sifting through craft supplies and toys whose packaging has never evolved from painterly 60's illustrations and sealed paper pouches(it is awesome.

  5. i'm so jealous! i've been slowly but surely exploring boise, but i've yet to find anything that spectacular. i did, however, discover a pipe shop yesterday, as well as a chinese bakery. so boise does seem to have its perks...