snips of paper

today was a day for projects, one of them being this:
garland 1

garland 2

garland 3
voila! heart chains for my kitchen.

also, here's a glimpse of the fort my roommates and i have built in our living room. it's terribly cosy, although technically a cabana of some kind, rather than a fort.


  1. rachel, you are not allowed to spell cozy with a "s". you are not british. you may, however, spell theater "theatre". that is all

  2. p.s. the guy from sparklehorse committed suicide. i announce that today is a day of mourning

  3. i didn't actually notice i DID spell it. i was half asleep when i typed this up.

    in memory of the guy from sparklehorse, i shall wear black today, as a symbol of our loss.

  4. yeah, i'm tying a black ribbon in my hair and mournfully listening to all his albums. i actually think shane was the most crushed by this news. he's been staring longingly into the depths of the computer at mark linkous pictures all day

    i don't know why cozy with an "s" bothers me so much. but it does. there is something distinctly not right about that word, like it's mocking me when it thinks i can't hear it

  5. I'm 100% sure that that is a fire hazard.

  6. technically....yes. however, we rarely have the overhead lights actually on. usually it's just the christmas lights, but i turned every light on for the photo because otherwise it was too dark to see clearly

  7. It's okay man, what's life without a little risk of explosion.