night-time expeditions

blurry feet
tonight was best friends and harold and maude and the realization that we would die without buying some popcorn.
so, off we went.

we barely contained ourselves as we approached the artery-clogging aisle of win-co.

we gots some
we were both ecstatic + triumphant to find that they had the six packs, and not just the three packs which are a horrible idea as at least one package in each box is guaranteed to be a dud.

product placement
we found an outlet for our uncontainable joy in the foam swords by the check-outs.

hari kari
sadly, christy resorted to dirty tricks, and in order to save my honor i was forced to commit hari kari.

i must CONSUME
finally, we reached our destination, and indulged ourselves with the infamous popcorn and old episodes of sex and the city.

i like my friends.


  1. I love our friends too :)

  2. well, that's just perfect, then.
    see you tonight!